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Press releases 7 nov 2023

Dutch housing association Staedion starts using Madaster material passports for construction materials

Dutch housing association Staedion and Madaster, today, signed a partnership agreement for Staedion to use the material passport with the intention of making materials within the built environment infinitely available.

Registering materials and products gives them an identity and eases their reuse. A material passport contains information about the quality, origins and location of the materials incorporated in buildings. After an extensive pilot project, Staedion will use the passport for its new housing developments and renovation projects.

Contributions to CO2 emission reduction

The use of a material passport increases the potential and ease of reusing the materials and products incorporated into buildings. Registration of the housing stock in Madaster will enable Staedion to continually monitor and check circular and CO2 performance requirements. This simplifies working towards its circular ambitions and enables Staedion to reduce CO2 emissions in new construction and redevelopment projects.

Conservation of resources and reduction in waste

‘We intend to further improve the understanding and reuse of materials in construction, renovation and maintenance,’ says Dré Boidin, Staedion’s maintenance and real estate director. ‘We do this to make sure we produce less waste and that our children and grandchildren will not run out of raw materials in the future.’

Madaster, the registry of materials

The Madaster Platform is an online registry of materials in the built environment that can also be used to monitor the degree of circularity.

‘Madaster offers users more than a central overview of all real estate,’ says Jeroen Broersma, Managing Director of Madaster. ‘Besides insight into the materials and products used in buildings, the platform also provides information on the degree of circularity, CO2 and financial value. It allows property owners and managers to really build a sustainable future.’

Circularity ambition

Staedion’s ambition for 2050 is for all material streams to be reused or renewable. Waste is eliminated. The total material requirement has a net negative emission (storage) of CO2.

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