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Press releases 11 jan 2024

Madaster officially recognised by Dutch Green Building Council as a detachability tool

The Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) has officially recognised Madaster, the online registry of materials, as a validated tool for calculating the degree of detachability in construction. Reliable insights into the extent to which buildings can be disassembled — to all levels of detail — enable high-quality reuse.


Detachability is one of the key prerequisites for circular construction, as all the buildings that are constructed today will last at least 50 to 100 years. Understanding the degree of detachability of products and materials incorporated in these buildings, enables careful dismantling and salvaging components for reuse and recycling.

Measurements are the key to knowledge

DGBC has developed a methodology for measuring detachability. This method is based on four factors: type of attachment, accessibility of the attachment, cross-linkages and edge closure. The status of these four factors is examined for each building element and this is reduced to a single score. This rating can then be valued in the existing BREAAM-NL system and is also used, for example, in Het Nieuwe Normaal (i.e. the new normal) of Cirkelstad.

‘Detachability was introduced several years ago and has since become a key indicator for designing and constructing buildings in a circular way. The methodology is included in, for example, the BREEAM-NL assessment guidelines Nieuwbouw 2020 (i.e. new construction 2020) and Nieuwbouw en Renovatie Woningen 2023 (i.e. new construction and renovation housing 2023). We think it is important to speak the same language on circular construction, and welcome the fact that the various frameworks, tools and certification systems use the same methodologies, so too on Detachability with Madaster!’ – Ruben Zonnevijlle, Circularity Programme Manager, DGBC

This recognition of Madaster as a validated tool for calculating detachability offers many benefits to the users of the Madaster Platform and underlines its reliability. This process is also automated in Madaster through BIM integration. This will make it even easier for Madaster users to measure detachability and, above all, to make this a criterion in their projects and, thus, improve construction.

“This official recognition marks a crucial step for Madaster in its mission to facilitate a circular construction economy. Madaster thus takes the next step in its development as the complete tool for measuring and analysing environmental and circular characteristics of real estate.” – Jeroen Broersma, Managing Director, Madaster Netherlands

About DGBC

The Dutch Green Building Council Foundation (DGBC) is a national civil society organisation dedicated to making the built environment future-proof, at a rapid pace. This is necessary because climate change is taking place faster than first imagined. With a broad constituency with some 380 partners from the construction and real estate sector, DGBC can make a difference. DGBC develops and manages the BREEAM-NL labels.

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