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Blogs, Blogs 17 jan 2024

Working together towards a sustainable future: My journey to Madaster as the new Marketing Manager

Hello, I’m Jessica Al, the new Marketing Manager for the global team at Madaster. It’s an exciting time to join this journey, and I’m eager to share my vision as I join this incredible team of experts.

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of international tech scale-ups, I’ve had the opportunity to blend creativity with a data-driven approach, especially in the European market but also beyond. My experience has covered a wide range of both online and offline marketing tactics, enabling me to develop a deep understanding of diverse audiences and how they interact with different technical solutions. This journey has been instrumental in cultivating my passion for digital marketing and branding. However, over the years, I’ve realised that true fulfilment in my profession comes not just from success in the role but from a deep belief in the company’s mission.

That is exactly why joining Madaster felt like the perfect choice. Here, I have the opportunity to optimise our marketing department and contribute to the company’s international growth. What makes Madaster unique for me is the ambition to achieve a world with less waste in the construction sector and to make the choice of materials more sustainable. In a period where environmental issues play a significant role, Madaster’s vision for a more sustainable future with the help of advanced technology is not just inspiring; it is essential. At Madaster, I’m not just a Marketing Manager; I’m part of a larger movement. This alignment gives my work a deeper purpose and makes every strategy, every campaign, more meaningful.

In this new role, I am particularly excited about collaborating with our international team of experts. Their diverse insights are crucial in shaping our marketing strategies. My goal is to blend my experience with the team’s expertise to craft narratives that captivate and engage audiences internationally.

As we prepare for international growth, my role involves bringing a fresh perspective to our marketing initiatives, integrating the latest digital marketing trends, and ensuring that our brand messaging and visual identity resonates across borders. It’s about creating a narrative that not only highlights our innovative solution but also tells the story of our impact on the planet and future generations. It’s about more than just growth; it’s about creating meaningful connections and nurturing our existing community of users and partners.

In the coming months, I look forward to learning from the diverse and talented team and contributing to a mission that’s much larger than any of us.

Thank you for welcoming me into the Madaster family. Let’s make sustainability the core of our narrative and the heart of our success.

Jessica Al

Marketing Manager, Madaster global team

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